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School equipment is getting more complex

HSB can help schools save money and prevent breakdowns

It's expensive to maintain and operate school equipment. The average amount equals approximately 10 percent of a school district's budget, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and new technology used in building systems and components is increasingly complex and costly. HSB can help schools keep their equipment running efficiently and help prevent losses.

Schools invest billions in equipment

With total expenditures of public schools in 2017 projected to be more than $620 billion, school equipment represents a significant investment for communities and taxpayers.

For students, teachers and the public

The proper maintenance and operation of equipment is important to help provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students and teachers. In addition, the public often makes use of school facilities for community activities and events.

It takes a wide range of equipment

Boilers, electrical equipment, computers, heating and cooling systems, fire protection and refrigeration are only some of the equipment it takes to operate a school.

We help keep it running and efficient

HSB visits schools across the country every day, thousands of schools each year, and our technical and insurance staff works with school administrators, building engineers, custodians and others to help keep that equipment running longer and efficiently.

HSB offers maintenance and efficiency tips

In addition to HSB TechAdvantageā„¢ equipment breakdown insurance, HSB offers maintenance and loss prevention information for schools. Click here for more information on our blog and tools and resources for schools that you can share with your clients.

School equipment is getting more complex