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Preventing EPL claims takes commitment

Diversity and inclusion are the key to employment risk management

The workplace has changed a great deal since the inception of Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance coverage. It is much more diverse than ever before and our cultural, religious and political differences continue to collide and cause conflict.

How does an employer respond?

How should employers respond? They can begin by going beyond the usual methods of employment risk management. Organizations should strive to build a diverse workforce at all levels and focus not only on attracting diverse talent, but retaining and promoting those employees.

A deep dive into company culture

“Employers need to dive deeply into their company's culture,” said Todd Cincotta, HSB vice president for strategic products. “What does it mean to work at their company? How do they define diversity and inclusion? Is there a plan to promote these values within the organization? Their commitment to diversity and inclusion must be communicated, maintained and measured.”

Your plan should focus on taking action

Developing a handbook around expected behaviors is no longer sufficient for employers to prevent employment practices claims. Equally important is effective policy making and training around specific diversity and inclusion strategies that demonstrate you mean to take action.

Train employees and give them a voice

Train employees on what an inclusive work environment should be and make those goals part of your daily operations. The best employment policies are fluid and continue to evolve, so it's important to give employees a forum to discuss workplace practices and to monitor progress.

Maintain and measure your diversity program

How is it measurable? Employee surveys give valuable feedback on how individuals perceive the culture in a workplace and results provide actionable information that an employer can use to create more effective engagement strategies.

Discrimination is at the core of complaints

As we have seen with the recent rise in sexual harassment claims, EPL matters never “go away.” At the core, discrimination issues form the basis of many complaints.

Employee differences are big strengths

With a fresh view of risk management strategies and a clear approach to encouraging diversity, employers can capitalize on employee differences, leveraging them as strengths that build a more inclusive and successful organization.

HSB's EPL coverage can help you use them

HSB's Portfolio Employment Practices Liability insurance coverage for small businesses includes a loss prevention website with model employment policies and procedures, best practices checklist, online risk management training, and news and information about employment laws.

Visit our website for more information, or contact your HSB representative.

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Preventing EPL claims takes commitment