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Don’t forget to back up your business data

Some things to consider when storing critical information

Often, the most expensive and time-consuming parts of dealing with a cyber attack or the failure of data equipment is the recovery of important information. With more companies moving towards paperless systems, it can even be impossible to replace digital records.

Update copies on a regular basis

It’s always best to back up your data in case of an accident or computer attack and to store the information in multiple offsite locations. It’s surprising how many businesses don’t back up their data, or fail to update the copies on a regular schedule.

Read more about backing up data

Click here to read more about data loss and how to back up business information and personal data. That includes copying and saving your data to portable devices and considering a cloud provider for your files and data system.

Protect vial information with cyber insurance

You should also help safeguard your data and hardware by combining cyber insurance with an equipment breakdown policy that keeps up with the latest technology. Look for comprehensive coverage and services, including data recovery and reconstruction costs.

HSB Cyber Suite offers valuable coverage and services

HSB Cyber Suite offers protection for identity theft, data breach and cyber attacks. HSB TechAdvantage™ equipment breakdown insurance includes coverage for data equipment breakdowns and the failure of microelectronics, even when the damage is difficult to detect.

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Don’t forget to back up your business data