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Claims service representative works hard to get the claim paid

He was "professional, knowledgeable, and responsive"

A Florida homeowner avoided a big bill to replace a climate control system, thanks to the thoroughness of an HSB claims service representative. He was determined to find the root of the problem and it paid off for the client when the loss was covered by HSB's Home Systems Protection insurance.

Contractor suspects corrosion

The homeowner called a repair firm when he woke up to his house feeling much warmer than usual and the company traced the issue to an air handler. The indoor coil in the 12-year-old system was thought to be leaking solely due to corrosion, which did not appear to be covered under the policy.

Follow up shows a breakdown is covered

However, Claims Service Representative Andrew Sutherland wanted to be sure. So he contacted the repair contractor and together they were able to discern that a sudden crack in the coil, not corrosion, was directly to blame. The breakdown was covered by HSB's Home Systems Protection coverage.

Tenacity pays off

Going a step further, Sutherland advised the insured that our Environmental Safety and Efficiency Improvements coverage could help pay for an upgrade, since the system needed to be replaced. HSB paid a total of $5,600 and the homeowner installed a new system that was significantly more energy efficient at no additional out-of-pocket cost.

Happy customer

In an email to HSB after the claim closed, the homeowner wrote that Sutherland “was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive during this process. We appreciate that he was assigned our claim.”

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An excellent claims experience for our customers is just one of the many reasons companies partner with HSB to provide their policyholders with equipment breakdown insurance and other specialty coverages.

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Claims service representative works hard to get the claim paid