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10 tips to protect your home from cyber attacks

Here’s how to help secure home networks and connected devices

The Internet of Things and connected home devices make consumers more vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware and online fraud and extortion schemes. But there are steps you can take to help protect the cyber security of your home and smartphones.

Suggestions from HSB cyber specialists

Here are 10 tips from HSB cyber specialists to improve the security of connected home networks and devices. You also can view and share this HSB video about home cyber risks and security methods.

These steps can help strengthen home data security

  1. Keep systems updated with patched and security updates.
  2. Use separate devices to access social media and financial activity.
  3. Secure the network that connects your devices with new passwords, encryption and other measures.
  4. Set up two-factor authentication for all online accounts.
  5. Secure your smartphone with a passcode to lock the screen.
  6. Think before purchasing or installing apps on smartphones or tablets. Are they trusted and secure?
  7. When not using Bluetooth, turn off the feature.
  8. Purchase only new devices in unopened packaging from reputable retailers. Don’t buy “open box” items.
  9. Wipe/reset to factory defaults when replacing connected devices or selling a home.
  10. Check insurance policies closely for coverage related to cyber crimes.

HSB Home Cyber Protection™ insurance protects consumers

HSB’s Home Cyber Protection™ insurance offers a range of coverages for consumers, including computer attack, cyber extortion, online fraud and breach of personal information involving smartphones, computers and connected home devices.

Learn more about the coverage

Contact your HSB representative to learn more about adding HSB Home Cyber Protection™ to your personal lines coverage.

10 tips to protect your home from cyber attacks