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New equipment coverage checks out for library

HSB TechAdvantage™ pays for microelectronics failure

A Rocky Mountain winter is a bad time for a boiler breakdown. That was true for a busy public library, open seven days a week with a full schedule of events. HSB's new equipment breakdown coverage helped keep the heat on and paid to replace microelectronics in the boiler controls.

Diagnosis: microelectronics

The boiler failure was traced to the flame safeguard controller by a technician called to repair the unit. There were no signs of physical damage, but the breakdown was covered for $2,412 through HSB TechAdvantage™ because of its Electronic Circuitry Impairment coverage.

Back in working order

"The fact that the boiler was restored to working order when the microelectronics component was replaced triggered the coverage under HSB TechAdvantage™," said Mark MacGougan, HSB vice president for product development. "The library's boiler was repaired and the claim was paid."

Coverage for the undetectable

HSB TechAdvantage™ is a game changer. Today's systems and equipment contain miniaturized circuitry with tiny parts and connections prone to damage that is difficult to detect. Although traditional equipment breakdown policies require proof of physical damage, HSB TechAdvantage™ can cover a microelectronic breakdown without the need to identify the specific source.

Quality claim service

That can mean quicker claims decisions and more covered equipment losses, because time consuming forensic testing might be necessary to pinpoint the actual physical damage in microelectronics and some damage can be almost impossible to detect.

We identified the cause of loss quickly

"The Electronic Circuitry Impairment coverage in HSB TechAdvantage™ allowed us to identify a covered cause of loss quickly," said Ricky Burke, executive claims specialist with HSB. "We were able to issue payment quickly. This saved the customer time and aggravation."

HSB TechAdvantage™ offers expanded protection

In addition to microelectronics coverage, HSB TechAdvantage™ includes cloud service interruption coverage, expanded data restoration coverage, expanded coverage for mobile equipment used off premises, and public relations coverage.

Learn more about it

Click here to learn more about HSB TechAdvantage™ and contact your HSB representative to add our program to your commercial policies.

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New equipment coverage checks out for library