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Small business owners struggle with employment decisions

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Most people work for small businesses. And every year, thousands of those employees file employment-related complaints and lawsuits against small business owners.

So many employment exposures

"What is difficult for most small business owners is the myriad of ways that a claim can be brought against them," said Todd Cincotta, HSB vice president for specialty liability. "They might be thinking about sexual harassment, but they are not thinking about disability discrimination, or race discrimination."

A complaint can come at any time

Without a dedicated human resources staff to guide them, a small business owner can struggle with employment decisions such as hiring, training and terminations. Even with the best intentions, they can find themselves facing a complaint and penalties.

How much insurance do they need?

Yet, most employment practices liability insurance is designed for larger companies and organizations, with complex procedures and higher limits and premiums.

The coverage they want

HSB's Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage was designed specifically to offer a small business owner quality coverage at an affordable price.

At a price they can afford

"Small business owners don't have a lot of discretionary insurance dollars to spend," said Cincotta. "So, we built our EPL program with meaningful coverage and limits at a price point they can afford. It's a matter of, OK, what limit is appropriate for my business?"

Watch and learn more about it

In this video, Cincotta discusses the risks the risks facing small business owners and how HSB's coverage can help protect your customers.

It's easy to add to your policies

HSB's Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) insurance is designed to protect smaller commercial businesses for liability damages and legal defense costs. Our EPL program is affordable and easy to add to your business owners policies.

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Small business owners struggle with employment decisions