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Help homeowners get the message on systems coverage

MyHomeWorks website shows real value of breakdown insurance

HSB Home Systems Protection is important breakdown coverage for homeowners. So, we want our customers to understand the value they are getting when insuring their home systems, appliances, electronics and underground service lines.

Watch this video to learn more

That's why we added the Insure My Property section to the www.myhomeworks.com website, including a video which explains why they need home systems coverage.

MyHomeWorks.com is part of the coverage

Your customers get full access to the MyHomeWorks website when you include HSB Home Systems Protection or Service Line insurance in your homeowners policies.

Insure My Property explains the risks

The Insure My Property section shows homeowners what can go wrong. With essential home equipment. Appliances and electronics. And service lines, such as water, sewers and electricity.

And the value of the coverage

We help tell the story with personal experiences, like that of Ramona: a new homeowner, who saved $8,500 with the coverage after a contractor damaged an underground water line.

A unique combination of coverage and tools

HSB Home Systems Protection and MyHomeWorks.com create a unique combination of home management tools and breakdown coverage.

Energy efficiency, home inventories and more

In addition to what can go wrong, your customers can get an individualized home energy score, energy efficiency tips, and can inventory their personal possessions and important documents in one secure place on MyHomeWorks.com.

Add our program to your homeowners policies

Visit our website for more information about HSB's homeowners equipment breakdown and contact your HSB representative to add the coverage.

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Help homeowners get the message on systems coverage