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HSB's new farm coverage can help grow your business

Ground-breaking coverage for today's precision farming

With today's precision farming methods so dependent on technology, equipment breakdowns increasingly involve microelectronics.

HSB has the first coverage for microelectronics

That's why HSB's new Farm Equipment and Machinery Breakdown Coverage includes the first-ever insurance for mobile farm implements and the electronics and micro-circuitry that control them. Our optional coverage fills a major gap in farmowners insurance.

The damage may be invisible to the eye

"All it takes is a little bit of dust to blow a circuit or sensor and shut down an implement vital to planting, growing or harvesting," said HSB Vice President Rebecca Galovich. "The damage may be invisible to the eye. What's more, firmware, embedded software that controls the electronics, can become corrupted and cause farm implements to stop working."

Farmers shouldn't have to be computer experts

Most farmers are not computer experts, so they must wait for an authorized dealer or manufacturer technicians to make repairs or order parts. In fact, many equipment manufacturers restrict access to their software code, requiring farmers to use only authorized repair techs.

Farm implements are key equipment

HSB's optional Farm Implement Coverage is designed for mobile farm implements including planting and seeding implements, spreaders, mowers, plows, Rototillers and other towed equipment. That can include microelectronics, farm income loss, the cost of rental equipment, and more.

Renewable energy equipment is covered

HSB's new Farm Equipment and Machinery Breakdown Coverage has also enhanced coverage for wind turbines, solar, methane digesters and other renewable energy equipment on the farm, such as loss of utility credit from net metering and the extra cost of having to buy energy from another source.

Extended income loss for contract growers

It can cover, as an option, the loss of income for contract farmers who raise hogs and poultry when an equipment failure leads to the deaths of animals and they can't fulfill their contract.

See the actual policy for the full terms and conditions of all the coverages.

Add our coverage to your farmowners policies

HSB's Farm Equipment and Machinery Breakdown Coverage, including the optional Farm Implement Coverage, is available now to add to your farm owners policies. Contact your HSB representative for more information.

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HSB's new farm coverage can help grow your business