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Connected homes are talking, are you listening?

HSB looks at trends in homeowners insurance coverage

Microelectronics, with circuitry thousands of times smaller than a human hair, is critical to almost all systems, equipment and technology.

Connected homes have almost unlimited possibilities. Already, homeowners can use their smart phones to set their thermostats or start a load of laundry, anywhere they have a network connection. Smart sensors will even remind you when you're running out of eggs!

Technology and energy trends

The novelty of connected homes is often played up on the news. The real story, however, is about what's yet to come. Technology and energy trends are changing the way people live in their homes and how companies are doing business.

What it means for insurers and insureds

HSB's Rebecca Galovich, vice president for personal lines underwriting and product management, recently discussed what connected homes will mean for homeowners insurers and their policyholders in A.M. Best Company's Best's Review magazine.

Get the full story

Click here to the read the article, "Well Connected," which appeared in Best Review's Property/Casualty Underwriting edition.

What's in our future?

Once technology standards are in place so all devices and equipment can communicate, she says, tomorrow's home equipment will:

  • Be interconnected and able to adapt to the behavior of homeowners.
  • Smart appliances will become mainstream.
  • Electric vehicles will charge at home; longer-term, power generation will become prevalent.
  • Technology will help an aging population stay in their homes longer.

HSB responds with broad coverage

Visit our website to read the A.M. Best article and learn more about HSB's home equipment breakdown insurance solution.

For home equipment and energy management

HSB Home Systems Protection is the broadest home equipment breakdown insurance protection available and includes HSB HomeWorks™, a suite of online home management tools that helps homeowners lower their energy bills and better manage their lives.

Add our program to your policies

Contact your HSB representative for more information about how you can add HSB Home Systems Protection and HSB HomeWorks™ to your personal lines coverage.

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Connected homes are talking, are you listening?