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New HSB TechAdvantage™ offers first-of-its-kind coverage

Microelectronics coverage for new and emerging technology

Technology has changed, and so have the risks. In response, HSB is reinventing equipment insurance coverage with our new HSB TechAdvantage™ - the first equipment breakdown and technology insurance to cover losses from microelectronics failures.

Coverage beyond evidence of physical failure

HSB TechAdvantage™ expands coverage beyond evidence of physical damage to circuit boards, computer chips and other micro-circuitry. More than equipment breakdown insurance, it's technology coverage that covers causes of loss never covered before, by any other insurance company. View this video to see why this is a game-changer.

Insuring the heart of every business

"With miniaturized technologies driving virtually all businesses, every organization needs insurance coverage to stay ahead of equipment failures," said HSB Vice President Marc Saulsbury. "At HSB, we are applying our technical and engineering knowledge to manage and insure new technology that is at the heart of today's equipment."

Including cloud computing service interruptions

HSB TechAdvantage™, which also includes coverage for cloud computing service interruptions and expanded off-premises coverage, will be available in 2015 (subject to state approvals).

A completely new solution for microelectronics risk

HSB has taken a bold step forward with our first-of-its-kind coverage. HSB TechAdvantage™ helps policyholders recover from damage to systems or equipment that cannot easily be traced and recoup the costs of microelectronic failure.

It's like nothing else in the marketplace today

Until now, most equipment breakdown and property insurance options in the marketplace required evidence of physical damage to cover losses, and may not adequately address today's microelectronic risks.

We're reinventing coverage for emerging technologies

In addition to microelectronics coverage, HSB TechAdvantage™ enhances existing service-interruption coverage for cloud computing services and adds data restoration coverage for data lost due to a utility service interruption, such as loss of electrical power.

Off-premises business income and PR services

It also offers off-premises business income and extra expense coverage for mobile equipment and technology, and new public relations coverage to help commercial entities overcome business interruption and reputation issues from equipment failures.

Learn more about HSB TechAdvantage™

View our video, then contact your HSB representative to learn how you can add HSB TechAdvantage™ to your commercial insurance policies.

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New HSB TechAdvantage™ offers first-of-its-kind coverage