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Technical help desk added to HSB CyberOne™

Expanded service for computer attacks and software issues

Where does a small business owner turn for help with a software problem or computer virus? HSB customers now have access to a technical help desk service that we've added to our HSB CyberOne™ insurance, which helps them recover from computer attacks.

New help desk is there when they need it

"Many computer viruses don't rise to the level of a major cyber attack," said Timothy Zeilman, HSB vice president and counsel. "Often, the owners of smaller businesses don't know how to react to a nuisance virus or computer hacks and software glitches that slow down their computer systems. We can help our customers address these issues."

It's included with HSB CyberOne™ coverage

HSB's new TechQ support service is included with HSB CyberOne™ and provides help for a range of technology issues, from virus removal to Internet connectivity problems, or even setting up a new wireless network. HSB CyberOne™ customers can access IT professionals to diagnose a problem by telephone, online chat and using remote control tools.

With a range of technical support services

Many of TechQ's services are offered at no additional charge, although a host of services per incident or by subscription are available if more in-depth help is needed. There is no charge for the initial diagnosis and customers are under no obligation to purchase services.

HSB CyberOne™ responds to computer attacks

Our HSB CyberOne™ insurance coverage helps smaller businesses respond to computer attacks, including:

  • Coverage for recovery costs for damage to data and systems
  • The interruption of business operations
  • Defense costs for legal actions that may result from customers, vendors and others
  • Public relations expenses to help protect a business's reputation

Get more information

Visit our website for more information, or contact your HSB representative.

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Technical help desk added to HSB CyberOne™