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Watch this cyber attack as it happens

Hacker uses a “watering hole” to hijack a computer

What does a cyber attack actually look like? Is the victim always aware of what’s happening? Watch this video to see a “white hat” hacker demonstrate how to set a trap on a popular website. He shows how criminals can steal a company’s computer data without leaving a trace.

“Watering hole” is a growing threat to businesses

HSB teamed up with white hat hackers to help educate business owners about their risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. One threat that is growing quickly is the “watering hole” technique which takes over a computer without anyone suspecting.

Cyber criminals target specific companies

To set up a watering hole, hackers target a company, organization or industry and find out which websites its employees visit and trust. Then they purchase an ad or hack into the site and inject concealed malicious code into the programming.

Hackers take advantage of trusting employees

Cyber criminals might focus on a site that employees use to check emails or get news and entertainment. When an employee opens his or her browser and logs onto the website, the malware downloads and secretly takes control of their computer.

The criminals are getting bolder

The criminals know it’s unlikely they’ll get caught, since their attacks are invisible to the victim and are rarely detected by anti-virus software. Watch the video to see the attack from the hacker’s and the victim’s computer screens.

Capturing passwords, logging keystrokes

Hackers can download, upload and modify files, log keystrokes to capture passwords and other private information, and silently install programs and malware.

Taking secret photos of a company employees

They can even take photos and video of people through a computer’s webcam! And the hijacked computer attack can last for days, months, and longer, without being discovered.

Fight back with these security tips

How do you know which websites you can trust? First, secure your browser. Focus on keeping up to date with the latest version of your browser. Then, test your browser’s configuration for weaknesses. Click here for more data security tips.

HSB’s “hacker lab” helps prevent losses

HSB’s “hacker lab” project is one of the many ways we help inform agents, insurance companies and customers about the growing threat of data and cyber theft. It also helps us keep our insurance products up to date, so we can address the latest exposures.

Our insurance coverage protects businesses

HSB offers a suite of data coverages that you can add to your small business policies:

Contact your HSB representative for more information.

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Watch this cyber attack as it happens