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The real cost of uninsured home breakdowns

New video shows what’s at stake, and how you can help

How much do your customers pay for uninsured home equipment breakdowns? Heating, cooling, appliances, home entertainment and other electronics — when home equipment and systems fail, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

Valuable coverage for today’s home equipment

Yet, most homeowners policies exclude these losses. That means your policyholders must cover the unexpected repair bills when household equipment like furnaces, generators and central air conditioning breaks down. Your company, meanwhile, loses the chance to provide your customers with valuable coverage they really need.

Watch our video to learn more

Watch our new video to learn more about HSB Home Systems Protection, which offers broad breakdown coverage for equipment inside and outside the home for as little as $50 a year. Compare that to the cost of expensive home or extended equipment warranties and see how affordable home protection can be.

Check out these loss examples

Why is home systems coverage important? Look at the chart on the right for examples of what it cost to repair or replace some typical home equipment. A refrigerator breakdown: $1,700. Air conditioning failure: $5,100. Alarm panel short circuit: $9,400.

HSB Home Systems Protection helps you compete

HSB Home Systems Protection coverage offers affordable protection that puts you ahead of the competition. It’s easy to add to your homeowners policies. And HSB’s superior claim service provides a speedy response from equipment specialists and payment for covered losses to keep your customer satisfaction and retention high.

Includes online home energy management tools

With home energy costs soaring, our program also offers a complimentary website, MyHomeWorks.com, to help lower expenses. Exclusive to policyholders, the website includes a suite of interactive home management tools to help increase home energy efficiency, save money and keep an online inventory of all home assets.

Optional Service Line coverage for homeowners

Optional Service Line coverage is another way you can fill a gap in your homeowners policies. This program can really set your company apart, paying to repair underground pipes and wiring that bring water, power, data and other services into the home.

It’s added protection for your customers

Most people don’t realize they are usually responsible when a service line breaks. It can cost a homeowner $2,700 to repair a burst underground pipe; $10,500 if a tree root penetrates a sewer line on their property. Add HSB’s Service Line coverage for more protection.

An affordable way to broaden your homeowners policies

Watch our video to get more information about adding HSB Home Systems Protection to your homeowners policies. Ask an HSB representative
how to get started.

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The real cost of uninsured home breakdowns