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10 tips to help prevent a data breach

“Think like a hacker” …

What’s the best way to protect a small business from a data breach? “Think like a hacker,” say the experts, and improve security so cybercriminals will move on to the next target.

The problem is serious and growing

“It’s a big problem and getting worse,” said Timothy Zeilman, HSB vice president, who works with insurance companies to add HSB’s identity theft, data breach and cyber insurance products to their small business policies. “The good news is that businesses can take steps to protect themselves from destructive criminal intrusions.”

Help protect your small business customers

HSB and “white hat” hackers from Trail of Bits, a leading cyber security firm, recently held a live hacking demonstration for small business owners and the media. It included these tips to help protect the private information a business keeps on customers and others.

Click here for a PDF version you can share with your policyholders and agents.

10 ways to prevent a data breach

1. Outsource payment processing. Avoid handling card data on your own.

2. Separate social media from financial activity. Use a dedicated device for online banking.

3. Think beyond passwords. Never reuse them and don’t trust any website to store them securely.

4. Educate and train employees. Establish a written policy about data security, and communicate it to all employees.

5. Stay informed. Evaluate the entire chain of events in a potential attack.

6. Stop transmission of data that is not encrypted. Mandate encryption of all data.

7. Secure your browser. Focus on keeping up to date with the latest version of your browser. Then, test your browser’s configuration for weakness.

8. Secure your operating system. It’s far easier to break into older operating systems like Windows XP or OS X 10.6. Take advantage of major security improvements in newer systems.

9. Secure your router. It connects your computer to the Internet. Make sure someone can’t intercept all the data sent through it.

10. Secure your data. Whether you lose data to an accident or an attack, you’ll always be glad to have a backup.

Get more information

For more information about helping your customers improve their data security and data insurance products you can add to your own coverage, contact your HSB representative.

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10 tips to help prevent a data breach