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Hurricanes highlight the need to plan ahead

Protect your business from storms, power loss and cyber attacks

A series of hurricanes left millions of people and businesses without power as they struggled to repair the damage to homes, property and equipment. Many of the victims were not prepared for wind and water and lacked a plan to cope with the aftermath of the storms.

We’re all exposed to calamities

Your business may not be located in a hurricane zone, but we are all exposed to potential emergencies and catastrophes. Electrical power outages, thunderstorms, winter weather, floods, and freezing temperatures can result in equipment breakdowns and business interruption.

What if the worst happened?

It’s estimated that more than 40 percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster. But a little loss prevention goes a long way. Knowing what actions to take after an event can reduce losses and help you restore normal business operations sooner.

Six steps to get ready

HSB’s equipment specialists recommend these basic steps to help protect your business and equipment:

  • Start now by asking: What events would affect my business the most? Identify key equipment and plan how you would response.
  • Be ready for a power loss and anticipate power surges by installing surge protection on equipment.
  • If you use a backup generator, make sure it's properly installed, maintained and tested, and your employees know how to operate the unit properly.
  • Prepare for floods, cold weather, hurricanes, loss of refrigeration and other disasters.
  • Arrange for contractors ahead of time, so they will respond in an emergency.
  • Don't forget your data and information systems. A data breach, cyber-attack, or cloud computing service interruption can also threaten your business.

Online help is available at hsb.com

Visit HSB's Equipment Care page for more information about severe weather and disaster preparedness, including hurricane loss prevention, small business preparation and loss mitigation action plans. Click here for tips on protecting your data from loss, theft or damage.

Hurricanes highlight the need to plan ahead