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Why municipalities need equipment breakdown coverage

Residents and businesses expect essential services

Local governments depend on equipment to ensure their communities function smoothly and breakdowns can lead to disruptive consequences for residents and businesses.

Expensive risks are everywhere

There are traditional equipment risks like heating, electrical or mechanical systems in buildings, as well as the equipment powering water, sewer and other public facilities. Exposures also include computers, electronics and other equipment and systems critical to providing public services.

Municipal risks are unique

To minimize these risks, local governments need insurance protection. With more than a half-million municipal locations insured by HSB, we understand the exposures. And our new HSB TechAdvantage™ equipment breakdown coverage is designed to address them.

This could happen to your clients

Here are a few examples of the municipal equipment breakdown claims we have paid:

  • $22,659 when a roof-mounted air conditioning compressor in a municipal building broke down in 100-degree temperatures, forcing a county social services agency shut down for a period.
  • $76,472 when a city’s sewage treatment plant had two different boiler breakdowns within weeks of one another.
  • $30,046 when air conditioning components at a public library broke down and needed replacement.

Inspections are critical

Loss prevention is a critical component of reliable equipment operation. This is especially true for municipalities and loss prevention resources and services are included with HSB's insurance coverage.

HSB makes it part of the coverage

HSB's jurisdictional inspections are part of the HSB Tech Advantage™ equipment breakdown coverage and help municipalities comply with local codes and prevent breakdowns. Our inspectors proactively identify locations with inspection requirements and reach out to customers to help complete inspections on time.

Protect your customers

See how HSB TechAdvantage™ can make a difference for your municipal clients or contact your HSB representative.

Why municipalities need equipment breakdown coverage