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Ways to make your connected devices safer

Don't make smart tech a "gift" for cybercriminals

How safe are the connected devices you gave or received as gifts during the holidays? Those smartphones, tablets, home hubs, speakers, smart home devices, and other electronics could be the target of cyber thieves.

Vulnerable devices are everywhere

Consumers often don’t realize how connected home and personal technology can open them up to new risks. And too many don't take even simple precautions to protect their Internet-connected devices.

Do you own one of these?

Some common risks in a typical home include:

  • Smart home hubs and speakers that allow homeowners to use voice commands to control lighting, heating and cooling, play music, and order products. They are also access points for hackers and cyber thieves.
  • Fitness trackers help users get in shape, but they collect personal data that must be secured.
  • Smart home devices like Internet-connected thermostats, light switches, and even garage doors are convenient, but often they are not designed with security in mind.
  • Tablets and smartphones store an immense amount of data that owners likely want to keep private — including geolocation, search queries and passwords.

Small businesses face similar exposures

Many of these cyber risks also apply to smaller businesses, which use smartphones, tablets and connected devices and systems in their facilities.

Cybersecurity to-do list

Homeowners or business owners can take basic steps to increase cybersecurity. Use encryption, strong passwords and other measures to secure networks. Set up two-factor authentication for online accounts. Lock smartphones and tablets with a passcode.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of HSB's list of tips for homeowners.

Click here for a pdf of our security tips relating to a small business.

HSB offers cyber insurance coverage

It's also important to protect your home or business with cyber insurance coverage. HSB offers cyber coverages for homes and business through agents and brokers.

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Ways to make your connected devices safer