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Don’t forget your air conditioning this winter

Prepare your AC now for a worry-free startup next season

The arrival of cooler weather means it’s soon time to switch from cooling to heating. If you want to avoid breakdowns next cooling season, it’s a good idea to take some precautions now to prepare and maintain your air conditioning system over the winter.

Prepare now to avoid breakdowns later

Significant numbers of failures can be traced to a lack of attention when equipment was taken out of service at the end of a cooling season. Here are some tips for laying up your air conditioning system so it will still be running reliably and efficiently next year.

Check ducts and filters

Ductwork should be cleaned and inspected for leaks and insulation damages. Repairs can be scheduled for off season, and filters ordered and replaced.

Touch up paint

All metal parts subject to alternate wetting and drying should be painted to prevent corrosion.

Clean the coils

The coil face should be cleaned and the condensate traps and pans cleaned and drained.

Consider professional assistance

Laying up equipment can involve significant technical knowledge and skills. It’s a good idea to have a qualified air conditioning service technician to complete the proper lay-up procedure, or at least guide you on the most appropriate steps to take.

Get additional tips

See more advice from HSB’s engineers on the right way to lay-up air conditioning systems on the Equipment Care page of our website page of our website [Link to https://www.munichre.com/HSB/home/index.html]. HSB offers you and your customers tips and recommendations on how to maximize the reliability, efficiency and lifespan of air conditioners, boilers, electrical systems and other types of equipment.

Don’t forget your air conditioning this winter