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Online tools to help protect your clients from cyber risks

HSB's insurance coverage fills the gaps in existing policies

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It's an opportunity for you to help your clients protect their personal data from hackers and cyber criminals. And HSB has the tools and information about cyber risks that you can share with your customers.

Phishing schemes and computer hackers

Most cyber attacks originate with an email. Click here to learn more about the practices and policies that your business clients can use to help prevent phishing schemes, malware and other types of online fraud.

"Ransomware" is a growing threat

"Ransomware" is a growing problem for both consumers and businesses. In this article, an HSB cyber specialist discusses the problem and ways that your clients can help prevent an attack and respond if their data is hijacked by cyber criminals.

Our videos take you inside a cyber attack

Watch HSB videos for an inside look at a data breach and hacking incident. Then click on the Whistlestop Archives for more articles about cyber exposures and how to help prevent and respond to identity theft, data breaches and other cyber losses.

HSB provides a suite of cyber insurance coverages

HSB also provides a wide range of data and cyber insurance packages.

HSB Total Cyber™ combines seven areas of coverage that can be configured for each client. Or you can bundle HSB Data Compromise and HSB Identity Recovery with our HSB TechAdvantage™ equipment breakdown policies.

Visit these links to learn more about our coverages and contact your HSB representative for more information.

Online tools to help protect your clients from cyber risks