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HSB Total Cyber™ helps your clients protect data and their business

Multiple coverages in one policy can be customized for the right fit

With more companies insisting that contractors and suppliers carry cyber insurance, your clients are counting on you to provide affordable coverage. HSB can help with multiple cyber coverages in a single policy that is designed and priced for mid-sized companies.

A unique bundle of coverages

HSB Total Cyber™ is a standalone insurance product that covers mid-size companies for data and cyber exposures. It's a unique bundle of cyber and information security coverages, including data breach, identity theft, computer attack, cyber extortion, and more.

Back door cyber exposures

"It's not surprising that more companies require vendors to purchase cyber insurance," said Timothy Zeilman, HSB vice president and counsel. "Several high-profile data breaches, including the Target breach which exposed millions of customers, have been traced back to smaller contractors with access to a company's computer system."

Companies are requiring vendors to buy insurance

Trade associations and other business groups say that cyber security is becoming increasingly important and more companies are writing requirements for the purchase of cyber liability insurance into vendor contracts.

Some want to mandate coverage

There are calls, meanwhile, for the federal government to make cyber insurance mandatory in order for companies to bid on public contracts. Proponents say it will encourage vendors to purchase insurance which can also help them win private business.

Increasing focus on cyber security

This focus on vendor cyber security could have a significant impact on the mid-size businesses that supply products or services to companies. In addition to protecting their own data, contractors increasingly will have to respond to the concerns of business partners by strengthening system security and adding cyber insurance coverage.

HSB Total Cyber™ is designed for medium-size businesses

HSB Total Cyber™ is designed to provide data breach, identity theft and cyber coverages for businesses with revenues of $10 million to $150 million, although businesses with revenues up to $250 million can be underwritten. It's a good fit for many contractors and suppliers.

It's flexible and helps prevent losses

Written on an account-by-account basis, our program has the features and flexibility to provide only those coverages that a mid-size business needs. It also offers access to an interactive risk management website and provides case management services to identity theft victims and insured companies that experience a data breach.

Find out more about HSB Total Cyber™

Cybercrimes against mid-size businesses happen often - and can have severe consequences. Click here for more information about HSB Total Cyber™, or contact your HSB representative.

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HSB Total Cyber™ helps your clients protect data and their business