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HSB TechAdvantage™ covers invisible equipment risks

First-of-its kind microelectronics coverage now available to agents

HSB TechAdvantage™, the first equipment breakdown and technology coverage that pays for undetectable physical damage to microelectronics, is available as a monoline product sold to commercial insureds by agents and brokers.

It's available to quote now with new policies effective October 1, 2015.

Five new innovative coverages

HSB TechAdvantage™ is designed to fill a growing coverage gap for invisible micro-circuitry damage. It's one of five new coverages that we are adding to our market-leading program:

  • Microelectronics coverage - can cover a loss when an electronic circuitry failure causes equipment to stop working for no apparent reason.
  • Cloud service interruption coverage - for data research, repair and restoration services, lost business income and extra expense.
  • Expanded data restoration coverage - for data on the insured's equipment and data stored in the cloud.
  • Expanded off-premises coverage for mobile equipment - because equipment is more portable and frequently used in the field.
  • Public relations coverage - PR professionals can help manage a client's reputation when an equipment breakdown poses a risk to a company's image.

Keeping up with new tech risks

"Technology is leaping ahead with new capabilities that create entirely new forms of equipment, machines and applications for them," said Marc Saulsbury, vice president for HSB. "That also creates new exposures. HSB TechAdvantage™ is the next step in the evolution of our equipment breakdown insurance to cover these new risks."

Beyond proof of physical damage

HSB TechAdvantage™ expands our coverage beyond evidence of physical damage to circuit boards, computer chips and other micro-circuitry. Until now, most equipment breakdown insurance required evidence of physical damage to cover a loss.

Including software and firmware failure

HSB's new coverage is triggered when equipment containing electronic circuitry stops working but is restored when the electronic component is replaced. We also can cover non-physical equipment failures due to firmware and software corruption.

Our most innovative product ever

HSB TechAdvantage™ is the most innovative equipment breakdown product HSB has ever offered. It's the result of three years of proprietary research, analysis and consultation with equipment manufacturers and technology companies. Now, it's available to customers through agents and brokers.

For more information, contact your HSB representative.

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HSB TechAdvantage™ covers invisible equipment risks