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Managing risk in a digital world

14 billion connected digital devices and counting

In a digital world technology connects people and equipment. It provides the tools to communicate, create products and deliver services.

We depend more than ever on electronics

The pace of change makes it difficult to keep up, however, and each advance in technology makes the home and workplace more dependent than ever on fragile electronic equipment.

Micro-circuitry is vulnerable to damage

The microelectronics contained in virtually all business equipment - from computers, retail and inventory networks to machinery, building systems and communications - is especially vulnerable to power disruptions and other damage.

Equipment and networks are interconnected

With equipment interconnected and linked to the Internet, a breakdown today can be far more serious than in years past. Yet, micro-circuitry and complex new technology can make it difficult to identify the problem and repair equipment.

Retail system is damaged by a power surge

A power surge damaged telephones, satellite receivers and other parts of a restaurant's point-of-sale system used to track orders and payments. Spare parts were no longer available, so the system had to be replaced. HSB paid $85,693 for the claim.

Computer system damage blocks medications

In another example, the hard drive on a computer controlling a health center's prescription drug dispensing machine was damaged. Patients couldn't get medications and medical information was lost. The loss totaled $76,262 including data recovery.

Micro-electronics is increasing breakdown risk

The growing use of digital equipment and microelectronics will continue to increase the risk of breakdowns. The Internet of Things, in which equipment and systems are increasingly interconnected and operated remotely, will add to the exposure.

14 billion digital connected devices are in use

Already, it's estimated more than 14 billion digital connected devices are in use worldwide, including billions of business devices. Tech researchers predict there will be at least 25 billion in five years and as many as 100 billion connected devices by 2030.

HSB keeps up with new technology risks

HSB keeps pace with new technology, providing the insurance coverage and services your clients need to help protect their vital equipment. Our equipment breakdown coverage is designed to address emerging technologies.

Including the protection of sensitive data

In today's world, with hackers and identity thieves a growing threat, data coverage should be a part of every business insurance program. So, we give you the option of bundling HSB's data breach and ID theft insurance with our equipment breakdown coverage.

Contact your HSB representative to learn more about our coverage and services.

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Managing risk in a digital world