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Why air conditioning breaks down

And what you can do to help keep it running

Air conditioning failures are among the most disruptive equipment breakdowns. Due to the design and location of cooling equipment, breakdowns not only occur with greater frequency than other machinery, but the cost of repairs tends to be higher.

Read HSB's equipment blog for loss prevention tips

A recent entry in HSB's Equipment Connection blog explains why air conditioning and refrigeration breaks down - and how proper maintenance can help you avoid costly equipment repairs and lost income.

The average claim loss tops $20,000

The latest analysis of HSB equipment breakdown claims shows the average cost of repairs and related expenses for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is $3,219 for homeowners and $21,454 for business, industry and public institutions.

Electrical breakdowns are the biggest risk

HSB engineers classify air conditioning and refrigeration the breakdowns into two categories: mechanical and electrical. Mechanical breakdowns make up about 30 percent to 40 percent of failures and electrical breakdowns account for 60 percent to 70 percent.

Keep it lubricated, keep it clean

Two ways to help avoid mechanical breakdowns, HSB's equipment specialist say, are to have a lubrication analysis done at each oil change and keep the condenser coils clean.

Install voltage surge suppression devices

Since electrical failures result from voltage spikes, brownouts, power interruptions and lightning, equipment owners should install voltage surge suppression devices. It's also important to properly ground the electrical system and use start delay timers to reduce strain on equipment.

Loss prevention is the best protection

When air conditioning breaks down, customers are anxious to get their equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. It's much better, however, to avoid a breakdown in the first place with proper operating practices and equipment maintenance.

Get more information about how

Learn more by reading HSB's Equipment Connection blog and visit our Equipment Connection Web page for additional information to help your clients keep their air conditioning and other equipment running better and longer.

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Why air conditioning breaks down