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Why are agents using HSB InstantQuote?

It's easy, it's priced right, and it pays

Why are agents increasing their submissions through HSB InstantQuote, our online tool for selling more equipment breakdown insurance? It's easy, the pricing is competitive, and HSB offers of a 20 percent commission on new business.

Many coverage choices

Those were the top three factors cited by agents who responded to a survey about why they are quoting more accounts with HSB InstantQuote. They noted that the system is user-friendly and offers many choices. "It's quick and it's easy," said several agents.

Quote business in three minutes

In fact, 60 percent of the agents and brokers said ease of doing business was the No. 1 reason they increased their submissions. HSB InstantQuote gives agents the ability to quote and bind equipment breakdown coverage in as little as three minutes.

Earn a 20 percent commission

Pricing and commissions are also important to agents. Advanced features allow you to tailor the coverage and price. Quotes that are bound through HSB InstantQuote are also eligible for a 20 percent commission the first year the policy is in force.

We guide you each step of the way

No special equipment knowledge is required because HSB InstantQuote guides you each step of the way. If you have questions, HSB underwriters can help you complete the process. Contact them any time online, or call us toll-free at 1-800-472-1866.

HSB InstantQuote expands eligible businesses

Maybe you have used HSB InstantQuote in the past, but haven't been active recently. Log on and see what you are missing. HSB InstantQuote is better than ever, with new classes of business eligible to quote and higher insured values available.

Values up to $50 million

HSB InstantQuote now makes 125 types of business eligible to quote online, some with total values up to $50 million. And you can bundle coverage for identity theft and data breach with HSB's equipment breakdown insurance.

We'll help you get started

The HSB InstantQuote application is located within our HSB Client Connection Web portal. Click here and get started using HSB Client Connection and HSB InstantQuote today.

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Why are agents using HSB InstantQuote?