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How to connect with your customers

HSB provides useful information that you can share

In a digital world, connecting is what counts when it comes to getting closer to your customers. Did you know that HSB provides online tools, tips and videos that you can share with your clients to help them save energy and prevent loss?

Stay in touch

Whether you stay in touch through social media, email, newsletters, or personal contact, use our information to help your customers reduce their utility bills, prepare for seasonal risks, and keep their equipment running longer and more efficiently.

Use our online tools

Join the many agents and brokers who take advantage of HSB's online tools that you'll find on our website. Here are some suggestions based on resources developed by HSB's engineers and equipment specialists.

Energy tools and calculators

Help your clients reduce their energy bills with HSB's Energy Tips and equipment energy calculators. A good place to start is by sharing the document "7 Tips and Tools" to help small businesses save money on energy.

Is there a storm in the forecast?

HSB Equipment Care can help your customers prepare for cold weather, heat waves, floods, hurricanes, or the loss of electrical power.

Maintenance and loss prevention

Other Equipment Care documents focus on maintenance and loss prevention for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and other key equipment.

Online webinars on solar and wind

You can even link to online webinars to learn more about key equipment and renewable energy such as solar energy systems and wind energy.

Get news your customers can use

Visit our website for additional resources and ideas that can share to add value for your customers.

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How to connect with your customers