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HSB’s coverage travels with our customers

Off-premises coverage protects equipment around the world

New technology makes equipment increasingly portable. That’s why HSB includes broad off-premises coverage in our policies.

The damage can be expensive

So, when a video display unit breaks down at a trade show, your client won’t have to pay $8,000 for a new one. Or $20,000 for electronic instruments that service technicians use in the field.

Always ask if it’s included in the policy

A word of advice: always ask whether off-premises coverage is included in the equipment breakdown policy and what specifically is covered. Are there restrictions or requirements? Look at the policy language. You may be disappointed.

You don’t need extra work to add it

Most carriers make you ask for off-premises coverage as an endorsement. That’s extra work for you, but it’s nothing compared to what else some of them require.

It can be difficult and time-consuming

Typically with these coverage endorsements, equipment has to be listed on declarations for the coverage to apply.

It may even seem impossible

That means you have to anticipate every piece of equipment that might go off site for the duration of the policy and where it’s going to go. How is that even possible?

Out of luck, out of money

And if the equipment is not scheduled and breaks down? Your client is out of luck. And out of a lot of money.

HSB includes off-premises automatically

HSB includes off-premises coverage automatically in our equipment breakdown policies. We have done so for years.

We protect equipment used around the world

And we provide damage coverage for breakdowns that occur in any country in the world, where permissible by law, not only in the United States. Most other insurance companies exclude global coverage from their standard forms.

The broadest coverage, built for today’s equipment

HSB’s equipment breakdown coverage offers you an innovative way to compete at a new level for business customers. It’s built to address new equipment demands, risks and opportunities. It’s the broadest equipment breakdown coverage available today.

Contact your HSB representative for more information.

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HSB’s coverage travels with our customers