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Infrared inspection helps farmer prevent up to $25,000 in losses

HSB’s loss prevention services help agents and brokers stay close to their clients

Although reluctant at first, a dairy farmer was relieved after he took his agent’s advice and had HSB inspect the electrical equipment in his buildings and barns. HSB’s infrared survey discovered hidden exposures the farmer corrected before they could result in thousands of dollars in potential equipment failures, the loss of power, or even fires.

“Hit it out of the park”

“The owner of this farm is of one of my best clients,” said the agent, who views HSB’s loss prevention services as a valuable tool to help him retain business. “I was looking for this survey to be a value-added mechanism as well as a risk management component. Bill Viot, who performed the survey for HSB, hit it out of the park on both counts.”

We reached out to the customer

HSB and the agent reached out to the farmer, explaining the benefits of HSB’s infrared thermography services. Initially skeptical that a survey would help identify the source of electrical problems on the farm, he agreed to the inspections. He was later glad that he did and thanked his insurance agent for the advice.

The farmer may have saved almost $25,000

HSB’s thermographic survey report concluded that electrical work costing an estimated $1,620 could help prevent equipment breakdowns with an estimated repair cost after failure of $25,145. Overheated electrical equipment also can be dangerous, the report warned, and made several suggestions about how to best replace components.

The farm could have lost electrical power

HSB Inspection Specialist Viot surveyed the main electrical service, breakers, panels and pumps in the electrical building, barns, milking parlor and a floating lagoon. Using the latest thermal imaging technology, he discovered elevated temperatures in a dozen electrical connections and controls, including an overloaded main breaker supplying power to the entire farm.

An infrared picture is worth …

The farmer accompanied Viot during the inspection and viewed the problem areas on the thermographic camera display. Viot explained the risks and pointed out visible signs of cracking and other damage from overheated components.

The farmer began upgrading the electrical equipment almost immediately.

The farmer was impressed, the agent proud

The agent noted that his client was an Ivy League graduate with long farming experience who “knows more about electricity than most electricians.” Yet, he was deeply impressed with Viot’s knowledge and suggestions. “I was extremely proud that I was associated with HSB and in particular Bill Viot,” the agent said.

HSB is an industry leader in inspections

HSB is an industry leader in the inspection of boilers, pressure vessels, electrical and other types of equipment and property. HSB Thermographic Services uses up-to-date video equipment to generate the most accurate data available and our certified technicians consult with customers to clarify their needs and goals before the work begins.

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Infrared inspection helps farmer prevent up to $25,000 in losses