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HSB hosts hacker demo for business owners

10 ways to help prevent a data breach

How does a hacker break into a small business computer? What can an owner do to help prevent a data breach?

“White hat” hackers reveal their tricks

HSB recently teamed up with two “white hat” hackers to reveal how cyber criminals work — and what a business can do to help protect their sensitive information.

Small business owners see the danger

The hackers showed a group of small business owners how they choose their targets, how they enter the system and what they do once they’re in control.

“I’ve learned a lot”

“I’ve learned a lot about what we should be doing,” said a woman responsible for the data security practices at her commercial building renovation firm. “I can’t wait to get back to work and start acting on this information.”

They don’t keep up with data security

The “Hacker Lab” was presented by HSB to help inform small business owners, who collect personal information but don’t always keep up with data security.

“All businesses are vulnerable”

“No business is ‘too small’ for a hacker,” said Eric Cernak, HSB vice president who moderated the hacker event. “All businesses are vulnerable.”

10 ways to prevent a data breach

Key suggestions for small business owners included:

  • Identify your assets and the data you have that’s valuable to others; keep only what you need and use a dedicated device for financial activity that’s not used for email or social media.
  • Most cyber attacks enter your company through your email and browser. Ensure you’ve taken steps to secure both.

Click here for a PDF version of the list of 10 top security recommendations that you can share with your customers.

Protect them with HSB’s data coverage

With HSB Freestyle® Advantage equipment breakdown coverage, you can bundle HSB Data Compromise insurance to help your clients respond to a data breach and HSB Identity Recovery to ease the burden of identity theft.

Contact your HSB representative for more information.

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HSB hosts hacker demo for business owners