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HSB inspector helps church save on fuel bills

With HSB, customers can get the most out of equipment

As religious institutions work to meet the many needs of their members and communities, every dollar counts. So, it was important to a church when its leaders heeded the advice of an HSB inspector, who helped the congregation select new boilers that heated the building and cut fuel oil bills almost in half.

Saving energy and money

The church had planned to replace the heating boiler with a similar unit, but HSB’s inspector suggested they take a closer look at the heating system. It was discovered that efficiency could be improved by insulating bare hot water piping and zoning specific areas, such as offices, the worship area and meeting rooms.

A better plan pays off

Instead of replacing the boiler with a like unit, it was decided that multiple boilers would be more effective. Although the initial cost was higher, operating expenses were lower, fuel bills were reduced, and all areas of the church received enough heat. The HSB inspector’s experience and knowledge paid off for the congregation.

Churches serve growing needs

HSB’s superior equipment breakdown coverage is essential as today’s growing needs put a strain on the aging equipment of religious institutions. After all, parishioners and the community depend on churches, synagogues and other faith-based centers to provide worship, daycare, soup kitchens, shelters and other programs.

Can their equipment take the strain?

Yet, these institutions rely on equipment, from electrical, heating and cooling systems, to ovens and computers, that’s anything but contemporary. In many cases, equipment dates back to the original construction of the building, making a breakdown a real threat. In a recent two-year period, HSB paid $12 million in these claims.

Common equipment breakdowns and average loss payments
Chart: Common Equipment Breakdowns and Average Losses

HSB’s inspections can prevent loss

HSB offers more than insurance. As a loss prevention partner, we provide exceptional value. In religious facilities, boiler breakdowns are the most costly, so HSB includes jurisdictional inspections as part of our coverage. In addition to complying with state legal codes, our inspections can help prevent accidents.

Our inspectors answer questions

While on site, our inspectors can identify other potential problems to help avoid a loss, or answer questions about boiler operation and maintenance. HSB’s network of electrical contractors can help insureds protect against electrical system failures, which are often overlooked, but can cause additional breakdowns and fires.

When it comes to claims, faster is better

No religious institution can afford a costly breakdown. We know, because HSB insures more than half of the religious institutions in the United States — nearly 140,000 locations. HSB’s equipment specialists work to prevent a breakdown and get damaged equipment running again as quickly as possible.

HSB’s better coverage, loss prevention, service

HSB provides better equipment breakdown coverage, loss prevention, and superior claim service. Contact your HSB representative for more information.