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Did You Know?
Four Facts About Perishable Goods Coverage
Perishable Goods coverage is not just for restaurants and supermarkets. Although businesses that focus on food products and services are likely to include Perishable Goods coverage in their equipment breakdown program, many other classes of businesses are exposed to significant losses from spoilage. Manufacturers work with many types of vulnerable products and raw materials. High-tech operations often can't tolerate any contamination by dust or dirt, or temperature changes.
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Protect Equipment From Flood Exposure
Once again this year, heavy rain and snow storms have caused flooding conditions around the United States. Your customers should take steps to protect lives, property and equipment from flood waters. The National Weather Service issues flood outlooks biweekly in the spring for specific parts of the country. This link shows conditions in specific areas, so your clients can prepare for potential flooding. HSB's Flood Recovery Alert has information about what to do when equipment and machinery are exposed to water, so it's properly cleaned and dried to prevent breakdowns.
Electrical Faults Cause Equipment Breakdowns, Property Damage, Fires
View a Video to See What Can Happen, How Much Your Customers Have to Lose

An electrical switch sparks and heats up as voltage flows through a short circuit. The current level spikes and begins to arc, burning away plastic and metal parts. Surging electricity overloads the wiring and starts a building fire, one of the thousands of electrical structure fires reported each year in the United States.

Electrical faults are a leading cause of equipment breakdowns, property damage, fires and explosions. Short circuits and other electrical accidents lead to millions of dollars in insurance claims. When home and business owners take electrical equipment for granted, they ignore the risks and the result can be a catastrophic loss.

This video produced by the National Fire Protection Association shows what can happen to your clients when electrical equipment fails. Their business, their property, equipment, and even lives could be at stake.

Short circuits are a common cause of electrical-related insurance claims. A short circuit allows electrical current to travel on a different path than intended, connecting two points meant to be at different voltages. This causes excessive current and potential damage.

A short circuit can create an electrical arc. This stream of hot ionized plasma jumps to another spot, reaching temperatures of more than 11,000 degrees F, roughly the same as the surface of the sun.

It's important that your customers understand the severity of electrical exposures. HSB can provide equipment breakdown coverage and information about electrical preventive maintenance and loss prevention.

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Recent Paid Claim
Fixed With A 2x4
A luxury auto dealer couldn't start backup generators when utility power was lost. The main electrical disconnect switch had sustained a mechanical breakdown, so it was pried open with a 2x4 for a temporary connection until the switch was replaced.
Total Paid Loss $91,370
This example summarizes actual losses and coverage. For all terms, conditions and exclusions, consult the actual policy.

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